Thursday, 30 June 2011

A bombed church in london

the best way to watch this video is to watch them both at the same time. The overlapping of sound creates a feeling of the city.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

screen printing

going to have some photos of my screen prints up soon.

A bombed church in london

for my final major project i did a video about the place that is london and what there is to see and what can be missed or ignored, i had never really just explored london before I alway had somewhere to go so never took the time to really see what was all around me, but this all changed when i was at the start of this project firstly my project was at a very different point at that time it was to do with talking to strangers but that fell though, so then i changed it to getting strangers to draw me maps of london didn't turn out how i had though so i thought i would go on a walk while i was in london and just really enjoyed it, i then stubbled upon a bombed church near Monument tube station, that had been turned into a garden and i was sort of overwhelmed it didn't really feel possible for something so beautiful to be surrounded by such drab buildings it was such a contrast. so then i decided to do my project about exploring london and what you can find by just walking and looking with an open mind.

i hope to have the video up soon on youtube

Blade Runner title sequence

This is the piece i created for my minor project in my third year of uni. I created the type face using light graffiti, i made this using a scanner, photoshop and final cut pro.